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Now this question is seriously interesting! According to the fans of CLA, it is way effective when it comes to losing fat. However, others have a different opinion and do not agree to this point of effectiveness! CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) can turn beneficial only if you are regular with your exercise program. That is, the combination of both can prove effective if you aim to lose weight.

The article is intended to cover the basics behind CLA, as well as the right means through which you can incorporate CLA with your fitness program. I hope you find this article useful!


The theory of losing fat through fat may sound strange to many. Several dietary supplements that encompass the ingredient conjugated linoleic acid have managed to gain great attention across the globe. More athletes and bodybuilders are turning towards such supplements to enhance their performance and improve their strength. However, expected results are merely achieved when this substance is combined with regular exercise endeavors. Numerous studies have also proved the efficacy of CLA and the positive results it can lead to.

To regulate the cholesterol levels and enhance our metabolic rates, our body utilizes two vital fatty acids. Omega-6 is one of the two that is associated with conjugated linoleic acid. Unfortunately, our body lacks the potency to make this significant substance on its own, however, can attain it from a number of foods including lamb, beef eggs etc.

CLA grabbed the interest of many scientists in 80s after Professor Madison claimed a particular substance helpful enough to reduce the occurrence of cancer; when experimented in mice. The substance was introduced as conjugated linoleic acid to the public, years later. Soon after this, several studies were conducted to experiment the efficacy of CLA; however not every ended up with the same results! Interestingly, majority amongst these concluded the substance to be beneficial in terms of losing body fats. According to a study, conjugated linoleic acid is extremely beneficial for people with obesity and overweight concerns, as not just it helps in losing weight, but also aids in preserving their muscle tissue.


CLA 1000mg holds great importance in respect of improving the body’s metabolism and immune system.  Besides this, the substance also plays a vital role in losing body fats to a significant level. An improved metabolism helps to burn away the unwanted fats we regularly in take from our meals. On the other hand, CLA also aids in altering the food into useful energy.
Not just this, it also averts the fats cells to turn larger. An interesting study also discovered that individuals who resisted using CLA and halted their dieting actually ended up gaining the pounds they shed away. On the contrary, people who followed a strict diet plan while using the substance gained a 50-50 fat-to-muscle ratio! Though, it is extremely important to mention here that CLA is merely beneficial when it is incorporated with a regular exercise program.

Apart from attaining a slimmer waist and enhancing your muscle power, conjugated linoleic acid can also prove effective in impacting a number of health conditions. Say for example, a finding concluded that improved CLA levels in females can help them avert a fatal disease, breast cancer. Same is also the case with prostate and colon cancer. Besides, there are also certain facts that need to be considered in regard to its benefits, for example, an improved immune system helps to prevent your body against a number of diseases, including infections, certain allergies and cardiovascular disease etc.


If CLA is used in a right manner, then every individual can benefit from this vital substance. To make the most from it, take 3.4 grams of this substance each day. Clearly speaking, red meat and dairy products are the ideal source of conjugated linoleic acid.


Since every brand incorporates a different percentage of this substance, thus, one cannot fit in all these CLA containing supplements in a particular category. However, before you choose a particular brand, it is extremely important to find out what quantity that brand is delivering. This will help you to take the right amount recommended by the experts.
In order to get the maximum results out of the supplement, it is advisable to take it before having your meal. 

Slight chances of nausea or vomiting do tend to exists, though are completely manageable. To eradicate the chances of complications, one can simply combine the supplement’s intake with proteins. And, the best source of protein is low-fat milk! Though, the substance, CLA is yet not linked with any intense or serious complication. 
Remember, CLA is not a magic that can turn your condition positive overnight! It must be combined with a strict diet plan and a regular exercise regime in order to mark a difference in your weight!

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