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How Much Walk Do You Really Need For Losing Weight?

Walking is considered very important for having a healthy life and especially for weight loss purpose. It is considered as the safest and most effective exercise for losing at least 1 pound a week, which is such a great thing. You do not have to go to gym if you are willing to walk, because it is an easy and efficient way to lose weight quickly. It will keep the muscles in proper tone, so your overall appearance will also be improved. In this article, I am going to tell you about how much walking are needed to reduce weight, so you get an idea and never overdo or under-do it.

Lose Your Weight Through Walking!

Weight and pace of walking are the two main factors that play an important role in weight loss through walking. If you walk for about 4 miles per 1 hour, then it is possible to burn 300 to 400 calories, and it can be improved to more calories if the track length is increased. Another important factor, which is very important in weight loss, is the regular walking, because if you do not maintain a schedule, you will be unable to see the desired changes in your body. So, it is advised to walk every day, so you can live a healthy and happy life.

What Are Pedometers & How Do They Work?

It is a device that can tell you how many steps you have taken, and the advanced devices can also tell the number of calories burnt during all that period. You can use it to count the number of steps you need to take for fat burning calories and you can also keep track of the path you have travelled. Such advancement makes your life easier, so you can use them to improve your walk. You can tie it to you waistline or you can also use a wrist band that also performs the similar tasks. In any way, these devices are lightweight and easy to use, and can keep record of the steps you have taken without any problem.

How Often You Should Walk?

It is always advised to visit your doctor before performing any health activity, because he can tell you if you are in a position to perform such activity or not. He can also suggest you how much steps do you need to take for your weight loss task.

At first, you might want to take it slow and walk only for 3 to 4 days for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can slowly add up to the time and days slowly and steadily, because your body will slowly adopt the walking habits, and it will not hurt you anyways.


Number of Steps Needed To Lose Weight?

It is advised to take 2000 steps per mile to burn 100 calories each mile, which will help in reducing huge amount of weight. This makes it easier for you to burn loads of calories to get the desired weight loss results, which is why; you must always make a proper schedule to obtain the positive results in the form of slimmer body. You can also get flexible bones with the walking every day, which is also a good sign.

Guideline to Walking Pattern

·         Take 2000 steps for 1 mile; it will help you burn 100 calories
·         Burning of 3,500 calories can lead to lose 1 pound weight
·         To lose one pound each week, you almost need 10,000 steps, which can burn 500 calories daily

Tips for Enjoyable Walk!

You can follow the tips mentioned below to make your walking more enjoyable and happy.
·         You can enjoy more when you have someone to walk with, so you can always get a walking partner
·         You can walk to your work or school, which will not be boring at all, as you will be able to see what is going on around the town
·         Use stairs instead of elevators, to loseweight
·         You can walk to shopping mall or grocery stores for getting the things you want instead of driving to that particular place
·         You can walk to your neighborhoods, parks, at beaches while listening to some relaxing music
·         If you are a mother, walk your kids to their schools, and this way, they will also develop a healthy activity

Summary of the Article!

It is totally up to you that how can you make your walk enjoyable and fun. Never exceed the limit and never overdo it, because that is not a healthy thing to do. Everything is better when it is balanced, and it makes you feel happy when you are not burdening yourself with some strict rules, so you must enjoy your life as well, along with losing weight through walking and capturing moments in your heart in everyday routine.

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